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Do you feel it’s time for a design update? Or do you need a whole new website?

We have website packages for all budgets and also provide hosting and complete management of your website.

Fast. Responsive. Attractive.

We don’t gamble with the best web design. By using the most amazing technologies and colors. You can become a part of a digital revolution too.

Our web design agency uses quality code to deliver the most stable product. Therefore you can be sure that your website comes responsive on any device. Where it also will retain visitors, convert and render (load) blazing fast.

Even if you’re up for more performance demanding design, we will use the fastest pieces of code and technologies. So you can make a visually good and attractive impression on your website’s visitors. Contact us today to learn more!

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Time for a fresh Website?

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What Kind of Web Design Do You Need?

We have experience in various platforms, such as WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce and more. Whether you need a design for your e-commerce website or local lead generation, we can help you out. Our design team and web developer work with the latest coding languages and frameworks. We can also help with inspiration by making mock-ups.

Company Web Design

Are you a start-up company who need a customized design? Or do just need a fresh update of your current company web design? Then read more below about our different alternatives that could fit your company. Our design rates are affordable for even smaller businesses.

Lead Generating

When you (or we) plan out the structure of your content, we focus on lead generating web design. After all, you’re most probably trying to sell a product or service with your content. SEO Compliant in Los Angeles knows how create website that generate leads.

Responsive Web Design

Most of our clients are asking for a responsive web design for their new website or make over of a current website. It also usually brings the best user experience. The advantage of a responsive design is that it works like one size, fits all. Where you get better control how the content renders on different devices.

Other Web Design Types

Custom Web Design

Beautiful and functional. We achieve this by combining the best of UI and UX.

With custom design on your website we can leverage your brand and display in the best possible way.

Custom WordPress

SEO Compliant creates custom WordPress websites for the worlds largest web platform.

The possibilities in WordPress are almost endless!


We design and program themes for all major E-commerce platforms. These include BigCommerce, Shopify and of course WooCommerce.

Both B2B and B2C targeted solutions.

Ready to improve your online presence?


Local Web Design

SEO Compliant is a local Los Angeles web design company. It’s based out of here that website designers work in coalition with the latest technologies. Where we create ecommerce web design as well as provide with marketing services.

Our goal is to remain among the top web design companies in Los Angeles. Like creative soda that overflows with design ideas together with our clients. At times we hire freelance web designers Los Angeles won’t say no to, that delivers the extra cutting edge user experience.

Integrated SEO For Your Website Design

With a huge experience, SEO Compliant is a top rated web design company. What really makes our work to stand out is our expertise in SEO. With large scale analysis, we are using the data to better target SEO and SEM. Thereby, the website comes ready for rich content to start your process towards a better page ranking and more website traffic. Which will increase your ROI.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you can’t find your answer here, please feel free to contact us. We usually answer within 24 hours by e-mail. You can also call us on (213) 267-1914.

The cost of a website depends on factors like how advanced website you need. Other things that effect the cost of a website is the amount of content you’ll be adding by yourself. So a general cost is hard to predict without a scope. 

A website for a smaller business cost from $700 up to $7000. This normally includes a custom design and up to 10 pages of content. Which also is SEO optimized. 

A great website with relevant content will bring in website traffic. However, the design of the website is critical to retain the traffic and engage the customer. The goal is to convert it into sales. In form of bookings, online purchases etc.

A good looking website can help you increase your ROI. Also, with the visual part of the design comes other factors. The structure, loading speed and some other factors related to search engine optimization will increase the possibility to better rank on search engines.

Our average turnaround on websites is 7 business days.